About Us

CometVPN is dedicated to providing a reliable, robust, and private VPN service to users worldwide.

Company information

Company name: COMET TECH INC.

Reg. no.: 155734567

Address: Advanced Tower Building, First floor, Ricardo Arias Street, Panama City, Republic of Panama

Country: Republic of Panama

Our strengths

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We Specialize in Privacy

Online privacy and freedom are our core values. We strongly believe everyone should be able to fight surveillance, censorship, and other online threats we face every day. That's what our service aims to provide for our clients - a 100% private, no-log VPN service you can rely on.

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We Don't Compromise

Building a more private internet starts with a single click. We set very rigorous standards for ourselves because we know there's no compromise when it comes to privacy. Our whole infrastructure is designed and tested to ensure everything works as intended and your private data remains yours - with no exceptions.

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